Carl McDade is a Principal Solutions Architect at Concorde Technology Group. He tweets as @CarlMcdade and blogs on

Carl McDade ( is a Principal Solutions Architect at Concorde Technology Group. Carl McDade is a self-taught Solutions Architect with extensive and substantial end Client experience across several Client sectors, His background spans, education, retail, start up, midsize and enterprise clients and Technology solutions, He explains how he did it on this blog post, He is a College dropout, but he would class myself as a practical yet resourceful and results driven individual that thrives in a real world environment rather than a class room working to a set structure of labs and questions, If he can do it, anyone can, and his site and his blogs act as a resource to show you how and to provide you with my insights about some of the technology that he get to experience as it comes to market and to share his practical insights into the key aspects of what he does.

Carl frequently works with Veeam, VMware, NetApp, Cisco, WatchGuard, Sophos, Avaya, I would like to say that I am a self-taught developer but I am not I am more a hardware guy with years of experience of making IT work, from my very first days when he started as an apprentice engineer and was given my very first chance to start his career in IT

The next stage of his career is to get involved with presenting at conferences on technology and what it can do for you this will hopefully involve the key vendors he works alongside and hopefully some new and exciting IOT technology

Carl Tweets as @CarlMcDade and blog posts about IT and his insights at

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